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The Ceado CP150 Juicer: Quality for the Countertop

Previous posts have mentioned nothing but coffee. You were starting to think this was a pure-coffee blog, weren't you? Gotcha!
As I mentioned a few posts back, we do a whole lot around here. Yes, much of that variety involves coffee in its many forms, but we don't like to limit ourselves.
So today, we'll be talking about juice. More specifically, we'll be talking about the Ceado CP150 cold press juicer. We recently got our hands on this impressive machine, and have thoroughly enjoyed putting it through our tests. Impressed with the quality of both the CP150 itself and the juice it produces, we're ready to let you in on the action. 
Watch Kibri Everett, owner of Cary, NC restaurant 'Pure Juicery' use the CP150 with three tasty juice recipes in our new video!

- - - Why Juice? There's a lot to love about juice, though the overabundance of information can be intimidating at first. That's why, like one of these machines does with a bundle of fruit, I'm…

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