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Coffee Seasonality

Reiko Piekarski, Director of Coffee Programs | Fortuna Enterprises, LLC Take a quick cruise through the coffee aisle in any grocery store. It is hard to overlook the selection of what seems like an endless supply of caffeine. In contrast, just passing through the local farmer’s market one can observe the showcase of fresh in-season produce on full display. Seasonality is not a term immediately associated with the daily morning brew. Those in tune with these mostly predictable and recurring cycles understand the distinct characteristics of peak season. The taste of freshness and enjoyment comes with much anticipation during certain times with produce, and coffee should be no exception. Just like the ripening tomatoes on the summer vines, coffee cherries also have certain times when they are ready for harvest and processing. These periods of peak freshness vary based on country of origin, weather, and a whole list of other contributing factors. Location, Location, Location Depending on w

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