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Adapting to COVID-19

Reiko Piekarski, Katherine Segposyan | Director of Coffee Programs, Product Specialist  | Fortuna Enterprises, LLC
When it comes to implementing new protocols and revisiting old ones, it is important for owners, managers, and baristas to work together in order to continue forward momentum. The coffee industry has evolved so much over the years and has made some impressive progress in a relatively short period of time. For this reason, it is important to remain flexible during these times of uncertainty. The notion of returning to “normal” seems to be next to impossible at this point but there are some beacons of hope in the uncertain waters we continue to traverse. So, how can the cafe environment adapt?
Evaluate the RisksIt goes without question in the midst of a pandemic navigating the risks surrounding potential exposure is like playing “the floor is lava”. Evaluating risk within the business will help protect staff and customers. Walk through the space to identify both direct and in…

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