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Viora: More Than Just A Lid

When my coworker walked into my office, dropped a box on my desk and said, "give me your thoughts," I could hardly contain my excitement. My mind was racing - what could possibly be in this foot-wide cardboard container that needs reviewing? A new mini, portable espresso machine? A bag of absurdly expensive civet coffee? Coffee roasted on the international space station?!

Lids. The box held lids. Four stacks, two sizes. Just some to-go lids for paper cups.

I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed. When you've told yourself that you're about to taste space coffee and are instead presented with disposable drink-ware, it's hard not to be. However, I soon realized that these lids may just as well have come from beyond Earth's atmosphere; these are the coolest, most exciting to-go cup lids I've ever used. That's not something I ever could've expected myself to say, but here we are.

In an effort to explain why I love the Viora lid so much, I'll tak…

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