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Pacamara Coffee Beans: Not Just a Funny Name

Reiko Piekarski, Coffee Ambassador | Fortuna Enterprises, LLC

Time for a story about Pacamara!

If you think of the different types of tomatoes and apples available out in the world it should come as no surprise that coffee would have different varieties as well. The Pacamara lineage travels back to the commonly known Bourbon and Typica varietals. These two varietals naturally mutated over time to produce two additional new coffee plants which are the parentage of Pacamara.

Maragogipe was first discovered in Brazil near the town of which it obtained the namesake sometime around the late 19th century. This varietal was the result of a natural mutation from the Typica line. This version was observed as a much larger plant that did not produce as much coffee as many others. Due to this large size, the plants needed more spacing thus less was planted because of how much land was needed for such little yield. What was especially unique about this particular coffee was the development of a l…

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