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Holiday Coffee History: Finding Common Ground

Reiko Piekarski, Coffee Ambassador | Fortuna Enterprises, LLC

As the Holiday season kicks into gear, my mind often wanders toward the sheer number of people shuffling around this time of year. Whether it's the busy parent trying to hunt and gather gifts for the kids before school break starts or busy business travelers hustling between cities, nearly everyone spends the month of December rushing about in one way or another. There are drivers navigating traffic to transport their customers wherever they need to go, and university students trying to cram for their finals. One thing is certain in all cases, however: the buzz of the season is most thoroughly fueled by coffee. Cafes around the world, more populated than ever as the temperature drops, continue to serve as central hubs for people from many walks of life as they have for centuries.

The First Coffeehouses Following the discovery of coffee in Ethiopia in the 9th century, news of the invigorating crop gained swift interest i…

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