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Spring Into New Ideas!

Reiko Piekarski, Director of Coffee Programs | Fortuna Enterprises, LLC Katherine Segposyan, Product Specialist | Fortuna Enterprises, LLC Spring is a time for renewal and growth. With this in mind, some exciting new ideas can blossom and breathe life into many things, including cafe menu offerings. Plenty of opportunities exist to use the various aromas and flavors associated with the season to prepare exciting, satisfying beverages that your customers will love! Spruce Up the Menu Take a moment to look over the current menu. Focus on promoting the options which do not get as much attention through education and marketing. The common denominator with drinks that are not as frequently ordered is the unfamiliarity of the option. This may involve rearranging the menu and making some changes in how the drinks are presented. Use the popular favorites to develop a remix of those staples. This is a great time to explore and experiment with floral and fruity flavors to create not just coffee-

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